Daylight Healing 
Herbal Medicine

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Love and Guidance from the Angels

Love is the most powerful healer,

listen with your heart,

let go of judgement or blame,

love and accept yourself,

believe in yourself,

and you will find the peace and the love

that you are searching for ...

19 October 2016

Love and Healing

September 2016

I believe that love is the most powerful healer.  And learning to love ourselves and love who we are is a wonderful path for healing.

There are so many pressures in today's life and the good news is that we don't have to take on that pressure to be happy.  In fact, learning to be our authentic self is empowering and by learning to relax and just be ourselves, it helps to create a smoother path and a path where we can begin to reconnect with people, from a place of love, not fear or worry.

When you choose to love yourself and love who you are and Stop Comparing Yourself to Other People you start to learn that you are pretty great.  And you realise that people want to connect with the real you. Not the version of you that you think they would like better.  You realise that you want people to be able to be relaxed and comfortable around you and for that to happen you need to be comfortable and relaxed.  It is difficult to be relaxed if you are busy holding up facades or versions of yourself and wondering what they would like to hear rather that what you would like to share.  

Relax and start to share your experiences.  People are looking for authenticity and love. Think how refreshing it is to be with someone who is their authentic self, sharing their thoughts and feelings and not worrying what other people will think; and the funny thing is that other people love it and wish that they could be that free.  So start by trying to just Be and relax, that's where the real you is.  Being yourself can be effortless. Being yourself is essentially a relaxed and effortless state.  You give up trying to make people like you and instead allow people to get to know you, the real you.  The genuine, kind, caring, quirky you.  

Being your relaxed genuine self is more fun and much more rewarding.  

Love and gratitude

Love and blessings

Love and light

Lynette xx