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Angel Readings & Energy Healing

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Angel Card Readings

Love and Guidance from the Angels.

What is an Angel Reading?

Angel readings help you to connect with your heart centre, and understand what it is you really want, or why you are feeling so tired, sad or angry or frustrated about a situation. They can give you clarity about what direction to take in your life.

Angel readings generally help you to understand thought patterns or behaviour patterns that are influencing your life now or influencing an area of your life. These insights give you the opportunity to shift old patterns that may be holding you back from feeling more content and happy in your life. And helps you to heal areas of your life where you feel blocked, or stuck, frustrated or tired or where fears or anxiety may come up.  

Readings can also give you clarity about decisions or choices, when you are feeling indecisive about something, such as what direction to take with your career etc.

I have also found that areas of pain in the body may come up and then the emotions or thought patterns that are underlying that health problem, which can then help with the healing process.  

So if you are feeling indecisive, frustrated or unsure or if you have the same thoughts going around in circles in your mind and you would like some support to move forward with an area of your life, book in for a reading or energy healing.  

There are so many different reasons to have an Angel Card Reading or Energy Healing session. If you would like support in any area of your life you are welcome to book in for a session, it can be the first step to creating positive change in your life or allowing the support that you need at this time.

My intention with each Angel Reading is that it brings you more peace, love and happiness. ♥