Daylight Healing
Angel Readings & Energy Healing

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Love and Guidance from the Angels

My intention with each Angel Reading or Energy Healing is to bring more peace, love, 

clarity & happiness to your life.

I believe that Angel Readings and Reiki energy healing are based on the healing power of love.

And that fun and laughter are also important for healing.

Angel Readings

Angel Readings help to bring Clarity, Truth, Hope and Love to all areas of your life.  The Archangels provide gentle, loving. clear guidance that helps you to understand current relationships, life directions, career and health, and helps you to shift old thought patterns or beliefs that may be holding you back. You gain valuable insights about how to bring more peace, love, happiness and joy into your life.  

Your Angel Reading can be based on any questions that you have or we can do a general reading and see what messages the angels would like to share with you, often about an area of your life that has been on your mind lately.  Their insights and guidance can help you to shift the energy and help you to see the situation with a new perspective. 

Energy Healing & Reiki

Energy Healing / Reiki helps to clear your mind and relax your body. By clearing and balancing your chakras, it helps you to release any negative energy and old emotions and recharge your energy.  It is very relaxing and uplifting.  After a session you can usually think more clearly and have more clarity about your life and what you would like to achieve or how to resolve a situation that has been on your mind.  

It helps us to feel more relaxed and energised at the same time.

During times of stress Reiki is a great support, or when you are feeling overwhelmed or anxious or exhausted or if you just need some time out to recharge and rejuvenate.

My Vision

To empower you to welcome more peace, love and happiness into your life, through inspiring, educating and helping you to see your own beauty, strengths and special talents, and helping you to achieve your goals and believe in yourself, by letting go of self limiting beliefs or patterns.  

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Feel calmer, clearer, happier,

Feel inspired and excited about your future.

Empowering you to move forward with 

confidence and clarity.

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